Frau Braun in brown - Liz in blue/white...

(Recommended by BShielly - Liz)

Franz und Birgit Braun

Teisendorfestraße 39
Tel - 8651/1886 ~ Fax - 8651/1467
Email -
Two double rooms or one triple and one single - One apartment
Rooms with/without shower/toilet, balcony

Some Braun cows... :)

Lovely farm off the autobahn. It is approximately 6 miles to Austria, and we found it to be a restful place to stay while we visited Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, Königssee and the likes. Frau Braun enjoys having foreign travelers and does speak some English. When I first walked into the home, it was fascinating to see their wedding photo with the family tree, all dressed in traditional bavarian clothes. A lot of the furniture is hand made by the father-in-law who lives in the back house (with his wife).

Hallway display...

My son and I were traveling at this point, since we had to drop my husband off in Munich to return to work.

Farmer Franz Braun...

This is a working dairy farm, with five ducks, a dog, and a barn cat.

Lena Braun and family ducks...

Shared bath. Refrigerator in the hall for guests to use. With breakfast served in the breakfast room. Good coffee!! Each morning at breakfast something different served and thoughtfully presented. Since there are numerous fruit trees on the farm, always had a different type of jelly. A pitcher of fresh cows milk was always on the table.

Liz's son Dean at Frühstück

The room we had was quite comfortable. It also had a table, couch, and we had a balcony with a nice view of an old monastery on the hill and the gardens.

Bauernhof bedroom

It was a mile to the local grocery store where we would pick up a few things for our days of traveling, or a few things for dinner when we wanted something small.]

Lena & Veronika Braun & Dean

For us, it was the ideal place to stay. My husband has traveled to Germany dozens of times on business, and he thoroughly enjoyed the farms we stayed at. It really is the only way to go!  

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