Bauernhof Buchwieser
Andreas und Marianne Buchwieser
Eschfeld 1
Tel ~ Fax - 8822/3677
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Doubles and Apartments - all with shower/toilet, balcony

(Comments from trip report) ...The next pit stop is in the little community of Unterammergau, smaller cousin to Ober. After several attempts in years past, I have finally scored a stay at a very nice farm. This leg of the race will be a three-nighter, as will each stop for the rest of the trip. This will give me lots of casual time in the area.

Around 11:00 I arrive in Oberammergau, amidst the throngs of tourists. But there is a new twist.

The main drag, which runs from the Hotel Alte Post down to the Hotel Wolf, is now blocked to traffic.

It has been turned into a Fußgänger zone. I later found out that the town council, supported by many of the citizens, is considering making this permanent.

Traffic in or out of town must now either take the backstreets or circle around behind the Passion Playhouse. Since I will be spending more time here later today, I just do a quick drive through on the way to the farm.

My accommodations are at the Bauernhof “Buchwieser”. It is a huge dairy farm located in a large valley. Unterammergau itself is just a farming community about 3km from Oberammergau.

The main part of the village consists of a church,

a couple of Gästehaus, a bank, and a few houses, and that’s about it. It’s a perfect spot for us hermit types.

Frau Buchwieser speaks excellent English, and although we know each other only by correspondence, she recalls my numerous attempts to secure a booking in years past. My timing was always off, she states, as she is often booked more than a year ahead. Heck, she has even has requests for bookings for the next Passion Play in 2010. But this time I luck out. I have scored another winner. I have a large DZ with shower/toilet, balcony, with breakfast for only E25 per day. The location is great, a quiet valley, with sweeping views of the surrounding hills and peaks.

According to the Frau, the area is due for rain beginning sometime today and lasting for the next couple of days. With that in mind I set out to complete my short laundry list of things to do. First off is to hit the nearby Sommerrodelbahn “

I’m in luck, as it is a weekday I am the only one here. Rides are E2.50 each, or three for E5. But one is all I need. Besides, rain clouds are brewing and these things get dangerous when wet. The course is about 650 meters long, with a few gentle curves, and some tunnels. At this point I am really kicking myself. In years past I drove right by it countless times without even knowing it was here, but it will definitely be on my list for future visits.

The next task is to visit the Bahnhof in Oberammergau, to see about getting to Munich tomorrow to meet up with Tooooobah. During our Mosel imbibing, it seems we agreed to meet at the Oktoberfest for a ‘Maß' competition. This is not for the faint hearted. Jim has been known to be the last one standing in these events.

Much to my surprise I arrive only to find the place is closed . Was ist los? I soon discover that the line into Oberammergau is undergoing repairs for the next couple of months. Locals needing to use the train must go to Murnau, either by shuttle bus or by car. I’m glad I asked, or I would have looked awful foolish standing in an empty station, waiting for a non-existent train, in the morning.

Moving along I head over to the Parkplatz behind the Spielhaus, and from there proceed to stroll the town. I like O’gau. It is touristy as all get out but, like Rothenburg, once the sun goes down the crowds all disappear. I love the "Lüftmalerei" for which the town is famous. I got my first taste of this place back in 1968, while attending a two week school in Murnau, when I was in the military. I’ve been hooked ever since.

It is now around 5:00 and I figure a good way to kill some time until dinner is to go surfing. The best place that I found is at the
Hotel Alte Post.

I have only stayed here once, about ten years ago, and it is a nice place. It has gotten a little pricier than what I recall, but then that’s progress. They have a little annex just outside by the front patio, where they have about four terminals set up. You pay at the front desk, get your password to sign on, and then get with it. The price is E1 per ten minutes. I need about a half hour, as there is not a lot of mail traffic. I mainly just check the sports scores, and most importantly the Yahoo weather for the next five days. Looks like the rain gods are about to unleash. :o(

At this point my go do’s for the day are done. I can now relax over dinner and plan out the next couple of days. Tomorrow will be a day trip into Munich to reunite with Jim, and since I will be taking the train it should be an easy daytrip. That calls for a Bier.

I stroll over to a favorite haunt for dinner. Located on Schnitzlergasse, right across from the church, is the Gasthaus “Kircheplatz”. It is a quiet, homey atmosphere, type of place with great grub. I order up a Schnitzel, Pommes, salad, and a tall “Kaltenberg”. The meat is almost more than I can put away.
Almost, but not quite.. The final tab, only E9.

At this point the day is just about done. It is nearing 7:00, and the town is all aglow with lights from the shops along the main drag. The crowds are gone and I stroll the quiet streets, admiring the intricate woodcarvings in the windows. Some of the prices are staggering, but then I guess craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap.

The Frau’s earlier warning of a weather change proves to be correct. A gentle rain has started as I make my way back to the parking lot. But in order to get to the car, I have to wait while a herd of cows coming in from the pastures takes a shortcut through the parking lot.

It’s been a good day overall, and I don’t even mind the wet stuff. It sort of adds an extra touch. By the time I get to the farm it is really coming down, and I am glad to retreat inside for the evening. I’ve got some Rotwein, munchies, and the boob tube. They are showing festive scenes from the Oktoberfest, and the plan is for Jim and I to be in the middle of it all tomorrow.

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