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Josef Sailer
Hausberg 10
Tel - 8821/1769 ~ Fax - 8821/752159
Email -
sailer@bichlerhof.com (or Bichlerhof@oberland.net)
All rooms with balcony, shower, toilet and includes breakfast
Apartments for two to five persons

(Excerpts from Trip Report) - Day 5.... Reville begins at 0600 hrs as we prepare to move out for our next adventure.  The sun is coming up over the Tegelberg and it looks like it will be a picture perfect day.  Just right for the leisurely drive over to Zugspitze country for our next lay-over... Garmisch.

Time to load up the car, take a final stroll around the peaceful countryside, and another good breakfast before heading out.  Today's route will be via the
B17 to Steingaden, then over to Echelsbacher Brücke where we pick up the B23 for the rest of the way into Garmisch.  Our first stop of the day is at the Wieskirche and at 0900 sharp I arrive at the parking lot.   There are only two other cars there (but the buses can't be far behind), so once again timing is everything.  The church underwent a couple of years of restoration which has just recently been completed.  It is nice to see it once again as it should be seen ....from a distance in the nearby pastures, and without the clutter of scaffolding and canvas hanging everywhere. The interior is indeed a work of art and I never get tired of visiting here.

With photos taken and visit concluded, three large tour buses pull up and start unloading (phew...that was a close one), but we are done and it is back on the road for the short drive over to the Echelsbacher Brücke. 

This is one of my "must do" stopovers no matter what the weather.  Last year I enjoyed a couple of biers before a crackling fire, but today the outdoor tables are set up in order to enjoy the sunshine and mild temps.  Ya' just never know.

The route between here and Oberammergau is photo heaven, forests and rolling hills, farms scattered everywhere, and a sunny day like today just caps it off.  At 1100 hrs we are entering Oberammergau only to find the streets overflowing with crowds.  Always a popular stopping point for tour buses, today is no exception. 

After a stroll around town, a bier stop at the Wienerwald, some photos and postcards, it is off toward Ettal for a steep downhill run the rest of the way into Garmisch (I wouldn't want to lose the brakes on this stretch of road).  About 1:00 we are entering the town and I am looking forward to adding another farm to the list.  I have made reservations at what appears to be a very nice bauern ..."
Der Bichlerhof".  I had found their e-mail site once while surfing and got an immediate reply to my request for a room mit balkon.

Following a narrow marked trail out of town and up into the hills below the Zugspitze, (only one car at a time could pass), I spot the signs that take me right to the place.   It definitely passes inspection from the outside.  A large house with sloping roof, balconies for all the rooms, a large barn on the side, and a very pretty fresco painted on the front

...so far so good, now for the big test.  The owner is a young German who speaks excellent English, Herr Joseph Sailer.  He is expecting me and gives a hearty welcome.  Apparently he, his wife, and the mother of one of them run the place.  Between accommodating guests and herding cows all day they must stay quite busy.

I am given the key to Zimmer #6... a large double with balcony overlooking the surrounding countryside, grazing pastures are below the room, and directly over the house is a cable car run that goes up into the hills. 

After unpacking, it is time to relax.  With shoes off, feet up, and a couple of Bier to put things in order, I spend some quiet time on the balcony watching hikers coming and going on the nearby trails. 

As an added plus, Herr Sailer informs me I can use his computer for messages home to Ben.  Ahhhhh...score another victory for Herr Stuyvsant!

By now it is late afternoon so the rest of the day is spent back in Garmisch getting re-acquainted with the layout of the town. I am starving for a "häunchen mit pommes" so I head for my favorite imbiss with the tongue twisting name of "City Cafe" located just around the corner from the Post Office.  The locals eat here so what does that tell you?

Stuffed, but content, today has definitely been a winner.  Great weather, great accommodations.  But for now, with the sun going down over the mountains it is time to head back to the hacienda. The temperature is dropping sharply (the heavy comforter on the bed was a clue right away) and it looks like it will be one of those 'bury under the covers' nights -  yesss....

A bottle of red wine is cooling on the balcony, tonight is the first full moon, and we are deep in Bavaria.  Who could ask for more?  Just wait..... Finding this location had me feeling like I had truly dropped out of existence, but tomorrow I was to find out just how small a world it really is.

Day 6...  That down comforter certainly came in handy last night as the temps dropped into the low 40's.  A much welcome relief from the blistering heat of Texas that I left behind just a few days ago. This I can stand.

There is an unusual feature to the Bichlerhof which I have not encountered before. The previous evening Herr Sailer asked what time I would like breakfast.  8:00 is fine by me says I, and by the way, where is the Frühstück room?  It seems that there isn't one... instead breakfast is brought to the room on a serving tray at the specified hour.  Hmmmmm...... this is definitely a first for me.  By 7:00 I am out and about for a stroll around the farm. The sun is coming up and there is a heavy dew on the pastures.  Smoke drifts from the chimneys of nearby farms as the locals get cranked up for another day.  There is one other car besides mine at the Bichlerhof which I really hadn't paid much attention to.  I'm sitting out front enjoying the cool morning air before breakfast when the front door opens and out comes one of the other guests.  Assuming him to be German I said Guten morgen, however it turns out he is an American.  We get to talking and in short order we ask each other where we are from.  Simultaneously we blurt out "Dallas"........shock!!!

It turns out we live about three miles apart yet we have never crossed paths in our life.   He is retired Air Force and informs me he and his wife travel to Germany twice a year for a minimum of 30 days, and that they have been coming to the Bichlerhof for about five years.  He was surprised I had found the place via the Internet and had made reservations by e-mail (must not be a computer buff).  He remarked that they always come in September, and always get the same room.  Their thing is to daytrip wherever their mood takes them.... they use no itinerary, have no set agenda, and as he aptly put it "we're not tourists, we're retirees".  They are halfway into this year's trip and today they are headed to Munich for some shopping.   You have to wonder what are the odds that the only other guest in an off the beaten path farm would not only be an American, but almost a neighbor as well.  It is indeed a small world.

Promptly at 8:00 Herr Sailer delivers breakfast and I get a jump start from the large pot of coffee.  Sufficiently caffined for the rest of the day it's off to the races.   As I head to the car I find Herr Sailer has switched gears and is now in his work clothes and herding his cows out to graze.  They are bunched up on the only trail leading up to the farm, so I get to play rear guard and creepy-crawl along for about 1/4 mile until finally able to break free and pass. 

The weather is crystal clear and the Zugspitze looms directly ahead as I hit the road which will take me into Austria.  After about an hour's drive I come into Biberwier for the first entertainment of the day....the 4000 foot long luge run. 

Since this is a weekday, and almost the end of the season, I am pleased to find only one other car in the lot.  It is only a german couple getting into their hiking duds as they will take the chairlift to the top to wander for miles among the thick forests that cover the area.   I, on the other hand, am ready to brave the twisting hairpin turns on the luge course, camera in hand, and hoping I don't leave some more elbow skin behind like I did last year.  Fortunately, there are no mishaps this year.

With the luge checked off the list it is off to Reutte as it is getting close to Bratwurst und Bier time and that seems like as good a place as any.  I believe this little town would be popular even without Rick Steve's having stayed here.  It is in a great location for those who like skiing, hiking, or just getting away from it all in a small town.  I hit the local T.I. office by the Bahnhof to pick up the latest literature on farms in the area to add to our evergrowing library of "zimmer stuff".  It is nice to be able to wander the town and not have to fight the tourist crowds.  This place must not have notoriety yet as the tour buses seem to just pass it by.

After a pleasant tour of the town it is back on the road and the plan is to follow the length of the Plansee back into Germany.  This area is quite picturesque and lies in a deep valley surrounded by towering hills. The lake, which was formed by a glacier, is a deep emerald green which I believe is due to some sort of natural chemicals. 


There are numerous areas to pull over for photo stops, or picnics, and I see several cars along the way taking advantage of the opportunity.  Once again there is no border checkpoint and I breeze back into Germany and come out by the entrance to Linderhof.   Bypassing the schloss it is a direct shot back to the B23, and over to the next stop of the day, Ettal monastery.

Ettal dates back hundreds of years and the monks today still brew some of the local Bier, and actually it tastes pretty good.  Gift shops and a couple of hotels make this a stopping point for tour buses and today is no exception.  Surprisingly though, the grounds of the monastery are almost empty so I am able to wander at will.

After knocking back a couple it is time finish out the itinerary with a visit to Mittenwald.  This is a very picturesque little town with a Fußgänger zone and a small stream running down the middle of the street (remnants of the medieval sewer system which can be found in many German towns).  

The center of town is at the large church steeple and from here one can wander out in any direction thru quaint streets dotted with frescoe painted houses (Ben has assigned me the task of finding us a farm here for next year's trip).  A visit to the T.I. office yields some more catalogues on accommodations in the area so it looks like my task will be an easy one. 

I toy with the idea of hopping over to Innsbruck but it is now late afternoon and starting to rain.  Lucky me... but I am six days into the trip and this is the first rain so no complaints (week 2 however is to be another matter). Pleased that another great day has been accomplished I head back to Garmisch in what is now a very heavy rain.  Things clear up a bit as I come into town and I am able to find a parking spot in the small lot at the main intersection.  I now have a choice... walk around in the rain or head for my favorite Imbiss for a Schnitzel mit Pommes... gee that's a tough one.

Back at the Bauernhof I am greeted by my American friends just returning from their day in Munich.  Role reversal... tomorrow I leave for Munich and they are heading into Austria footloose and fancy free.  With bags packed I can now kick back to enjoy some time on the balcony and watch the hikers coming down the trails that dot the hillsides.  It has been a great two days in the area, and another new farm to recommend.  Taking Herr Sailer up on his offer I get a message off to Ben as this is the first opportuntity of the trip to use a computer. Fortunately, there will be a couple more but for now it is time to prepare for storming the beaches at the monster of all Bierblasts.....the

Eine maß bitte... :

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