CKronenbur at Zum Sternen for Christmas 1999 - CKronenbur

Chuck and Beverly from Virginia have been married for over 40 years, with four sons and three grandsons who keep them very busy. Chuck is retired Navy and also a retired government contract worker. Beverly has been a critical care nurse for 40+ years and would like to retire but finds it necessary to continue working to help fund their frequent trips to Germany. They are grateful to their new friends in our Stammtisch for rendering assistance with their most recent trips and say that they have been able to experience some of their most memorable times as they drove through the German countryside, staying in small towns and meeting some wonderful people. Chuck and Beverly have attended both Stammtisch gatherings in Urach and the 2005 meeting on the Mosel...

Chuck at the Kronenburg

Favorite German foods: Wurst, Gulasch, Schnitzel, apple strudel

Frau Schilli (Schillihof) and Chuck - - - - Beverly and Chuck - Urach 2000

Favorite German locations: I have never found a spot in Germany that is not my favorite

Chuck - Beverly - PatBee - Helen, GA (Nov 00)

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