Landgasthof Montfort Schlössle - Lindau

Landhotel Martinsmühle - Lindau

Gasthof zum Bären - Meersburg

Hotel Waldsee - Lindenberg im Allgäu (near Lindau)

Landgasthof Montfort Schlössle - Lindau (Bodensee)

(Recommended by Henry)

Landgasthof Montfort Schlössle
Alexandra Jäger
Streitelsfinger Straße 38
Tel - 8382/72811 ~ Fax - 8382/73291
Email -
Historic building dating from 16th century (located on Streitelsfinger hill with view of lake)
Restaurant and Bavarian Beergarden w/old chestnut trees - Closed Mondays - 4 km from Lindau island

...This is a real "find" but you need a car to get there. The Schlössle is indeed an old house of some nobility, but now a Gasthof and Hotel with a restaurant that obviously draws the locals from quite some distance away. I was there on a Wednesday and the outside garden, under the trees, was full. I had a good, reasonable dinner with some Bodensee wine. The Schlössle is surrounded by fruit orchards. Credit Cards not accepted.

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Dee Dee's Favorite Window

(Recommended by Joan, Ben, PStuyvsant & Dee Dee)

Gasthof zum Bären
Marktplatz 11
Tel - 07532/43220 ~~ Fax - 07532/432244

(Ben) ..Meersburg is a great little town on the northern shore of the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The old section of town has an upper and lower level with a promenade on the lakefront. Nice one day stopover for relaxing and strolling. The Altes Schloss is the oldest surviving castle in Germany (7th century) and the Neues Schloss is also interesting. On a clear day the view across the lake into Switzerland with the Alps in the background is excellent. There are several less expensive lodging options but my recommendation is that you splurge here and try the Gasthof Zum Bären. The Bären is located in the upper level near the Northgate. It is owned and operated by the very nice, English speaking Gilowsky-Karrer family. Excellent menu - try the white fish - a favorite of Joan's.

Landhotel Martinsmühle near Lindau

(Recommended by Colette and David)

Landhotel Martinsmühle
Ingrid und Ulrich Kirnbauer
Bechtersweiler 25
Tel - 08382/5849 ~~ Fax - 08382/6355

..The Martinsmühle is an apple farm with hotel and restaurant. The restaurant serves simple fare but the villagers were packed in on both Friday and Saturday nights. The Kirnbauer's (the son and daughter-in-law) have decorated the restaurant with antiques from the surrounding area as well as old historic pictures. One of the patrons was ecstatic to see a picture of his relative on the wall! The breakfast was quite ample and we enjoyed staying outside of the city of Lindau. The evening walks through the surrounding countryside were outstanding.

(Recommended by Henry)

Hotel Waldsee
Family Hartmann
Austraße 41
Lindenberg im Allgäu (near Lindau)
Tel - 8381/92610 ~ Fax - 8381/926144
Email -
Credit cards accepted - Located in nature reserve
Restaurant - Lake terrace - Coffee shop
Waldsee hotel celebrated 100th year in 2005

...Although Lindenberg is a bit off the beaten track (about 10km off the Lindau - Oberstdorf Alpenstrasse), this hotel is the perfect spot for someone who wants to get away from it all. It is located at a lake (i.e. Waldsee), has a good restaurant, and I had a very nice and comfortable bedroom, with a small sitting room. There is a nice 45 minute footpath going around the lake, and a Schwimmbad within walking distance of the hotel.

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