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Bauernhof Horn
Günther Horn
Güttersbacherstraße 56
Tel - 6062/4834 ~ Fax - 6062/266697
Email -
Three Doublerooms w/shower/toilet - Satellite TV - Balcony
Playground - Table tennis - Grilling area


(Comments from trip report) ...Within minutes of arrival I am loaded up and headed toward the A5, and points south. My destination is a new farm in the Odenwald, in the little community of Hüttenthal, not far from Michelstadt. But first I have to make a coffee stop at Grafenhausen, a favorite haunt of many years, about 20 minutes from the airport. It is always nice to take a half hour to unwind over a cup of eye opening German coffee while watching the speed demons tearing down the Autobahn nearby.


By 10:00 I am tooling down the highway enjoying the nice sunny day and the cool temps. Exiting at the B471 near Darmstadt it is an easy drive about 30 km over the backroads to our destination. Within the hour I am pulling into the Bauernhof "Horn", which I had located on the web. This is to be homebase for the next three days and it looks like a good choice.

The weather is perfect. Bright sun and clear skies, with temps in the mid-50’s. Almost a forty degree difference from back home, and I’ll take it.

As I pull up to the house I am greeted by a young lady sitting in the shade by the barn. Apparently she has the upper hand and knows who I am, because she greets me with a “we’ve been expecting you”. Naturally, I assume her to be the daughter and proceed to greet her accordingly. Ooops… my mistake. Turns out she is the girlfriend of the son, who is out with the dad tending the cows. But her English is perfect and she introduces me to Frau Horn, who speaks no English.

They both accompany me upstairs to my room which will be home for the next three days.

The thing I like about farm accommodations is that you never know what you will end up with. Even small rooms can sometimes be huge in comparison to your expectations. Also, the difference between farms in areas such as the Odenwald, Bavaria, or the Black Forest can be quite drastic.

I luck out and draw a nice double with du/wc in the room. As an added attraction I also have a huge balcony which overlooks the Frau’s garden, where she seemed to spend most of her day,


as well as of the cows grazing in the nearby meadows.

Fortunately, I had the forethought to stop at a local Spar Markt on the way in and pick up some “supplies” for the next couple of days. Some wurst, cheese, and rolls along with some dosen Bier for when the urge strikes. Which happens to be about now.

After unpacking I settle down on the balcony to enjoy the nice cool weather, and a couple of Lowenbrau’s. It’s great to be back in Germany and I am looking forward to new adventures over the next three weeks, and the third reunion of the Stammtisch on the Mosel three days hence.

Suddenly, from a large penned in area just beyond the garden, comes a mixture of grunts, squeals, and bleating. Hmmmmm….it seems I have company. Sure enough, out from a wooden shed under a nearby apple tree come three goats, followed closely by a huge P.I.G. hog.

What a sight. Wherever the goats go the hog follows. Little did I know this would prove to be a source of good entertainment during my stay.

After a few hours of relaxation, and avoiding the temptation to just “rest my eyes” to get over the jet lag, I feel hardy enough to head out and enjoy the rest of the day. The location is perfect, and centrally located to be within minutes of driving to Beerfelden, Michelstadt, or any of the surrounding villages in the Mossau valley.

I opt for my personal favorite, Michelstadt. Upon arrival I pull into the large parkplatz near the main entrance to the town. Since it is late on Saturday, parking is free. Nearby is what appears to be a local outdoor market displaying various arts and crafts. Games for the Kinder, etc.

I stroll into town, and am pleased to find almost no crowds. The main square by the Rathaus is sprinkled with a few patrons enjoying the sunshine at some of the outdoor tables scattered about.

I take the opportunity for some photos and stroll the main drag for a few hundred meters. Most of the shops are already closed, which is probably why the crowds are gone. Suits me just fine.

By now the Lowenbrau’s have worn off, and I take notice of the growling from my stomach. Needless to say the meals on the plane were not anything to write home about, so I decide to fix that by stopping off at one of our favorite haunts… the “Schwarzer Adler”.


Inside is nice and cozy, and as an added plus I get my pick of where to sit as I am the only patron, except for some locals sitting at the ever present Stammtisch table.

No question about what to order. I have been dying for a yummy Jägerschnitzel with all the trimmings since last year. Pretty soon the grub appears, along with a tasty “Radler” bier vom fass, and I am in heaven. Prepared with perfection, the nice moist breaded crust of the meat, the crispy pommes frites, all smothered in brown gravy, and a not-too-bad salad. Cholesterol be damned!


Pleasingly stuffed, I decide to finish up the day by strolling some of the backstreets.

Towns of this size are just perfect for me to wander around in. The sun is just going down and there is a crisp breeze whipping up. With luck this could signal we are in for a cold night.

Heading out of town, I take my time cruising the backroads which meander through farms and fields as I make my way back to Hüttenthal. By 7:00 the sun has disappeared and the temps are dropping sharply. Looks like those duvets will come in handy this night.

After returning to the farm, I am just about done in. It has been a long thirty something hours since this journey began. Fortunately, there is a hot shower, some Rotwein, and a Stephen King novel all waiting to help me unwind.


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