Grubenlehen in Ramsau

(Recommended by Rose & George - Roseandgeo)

Gertrud Schwab
Am Gseng 29
Tel - 8657/1428
5 Doublerooms with bath/shower/toilet
Refrigerator for guests
10 minute walk from Nutzkaser bus stop (alt 1060 mtrs)

...this way to the Grubenlehen

Believe it or not, even at that time of October (13th -21st) it was hard to find vacancy at some of the bauernhofs and gasthauses. I have to tell you about one that we are planning to go back to in February (or July for sure)! We were the first English speaking folks...much less Americans to ever stay there! No one there spoke any English, guests or otherwise! It was great! Beautiful, clean, wonderful hospitality, wonderful people!!

...view from farm

It was up on the side of a "mountain" across the highway from Ramsau. We just wandered around until we found a place available...and believe me, it was hard to find one. This one we had to come back the next morning to get a room, but it was well worth it.

George and Frau Schwab - - - Ramsau Rose

It's a working dairy farm. Both of us liked it enough to go back and spend an entire week there. Frau Gertrud told us just to call when we want to come back and she will have a room for us.

Front entrance to bauernhof

For someone who isn't looking for the touristy places and really wants to stay where the locals do, that is one place to do it!

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