Gabrielhof - Roitham-Seeon (near Chiemsee)

(Recommended by Mary Anne & Emily)

Familie Schuster
Kohlstattweg 17
Tel - 8667/7820 ~ Fax - 8667/879147
Email -
2 double rooms and 1 double room with children's room - shower/WC
Washing machine - Bikes available to guests - Internet access
Ducks - Rabbits - Chickens - Goats - Cows

The Gabrielhof is a farm near Seebruck am Chiemsee. We had a lovely suite, with one large room with a double bed and private bathroom with toilet and tub, and an attached smaller room with a set of bunk beds. The farm was particularly family friendly, with a trampoline, little pedal toy tractors, bikes to borrow, cows and cats. The hostess had a large garden and there were many fruit trees; there were flowers spilling out of the window boxes. One morning we were in the barn, and the farmer started shouting something excitedly in German. When I indicated I didn't understand, he yelled "Bambini, bambini!" and pointed to one of the cows. We rushed over and found newborn twin calves!

This farm is directly on the Mozartradweg paved bike path, within biking distance of Seebruck. It was a good base from which to explore beautiful Lake Chiemsee and the surrounding area, including Berchtesgaden. I had made reservations over the internet, using an online translator, and our rooms were waiting for us. Nobody at the farm spoke English, but one of our group was fluent in German and so could translate. The farm is in a very small village, where the only restaurant is not open every day; our hostess drove us there the first night, instead of trying to explain the way. Then she drove back about 90 minutes later to bring us back to the farm.

This is a working farm, with all the smells and sounds of a working farm, including a rooster that announced the dawn. In addition to our suite, there were two other double rooms and a large "dorm" type room. The breakfast featured local honey in addition to all the regular breakfast items. This farm was a real bargain but is not well served by public transportation, so it would be difficult to stay here without a car.


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