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Gasthaus-Pension Schutterblick
Familie Schwendemann
Talstraße 27
Tel - 7823/2525 ~ Fax - 7823/5534
Email -

(BavariaBen) ...For many years I have been writing to small villages in Germany requesting Zimmer Frei catalogs. The Shutter valley in the Schwarzwald has always intrigued me but for one reason or another I never made it there until 2002. My favorite restaurant in the Schuttertal is the wonderful little Gasthaus-Pension Schutterblick, owned and operated by the very friendly family Schwendemann. I have since visited the Schutterblick on several occasions but I will never forget my first visit -

...As with so many European restaurants there were plenty of outside or terrace tables and we seated ourselves where we could enjoy the cool wind and sunshine. Our attentive waitress, Marion, quickly recognized us as wayward Americans and she spoke excellent English. We were not our usual hungry selves so she recommended Seniorteller selections and the food turned out to be the perfect portions and perfectly delicious. The salads at the Shutterblick were the best of our vacation and you could easily make a meal of just the salads. My wife Dee Dee had the Schweineschnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln und Salat, I had a delicious Rahmschnitzel mit hausgemachten Spätzle und Salat and our daughter Amy tried the scrambled eggs and bread (Rühreier mit Schinken, Brot, und Salat). Alles schmeckt sehr gut! We spent the rest of the day digesting that meal and driving the back roads of the Schwarzwald...

Marion and Agi (2002)

...The next day, after a short trip into France, we took a car ferry back into Germany, headed towards Lahr and made it back to Shuttertal in time for a light lunch, once again at the Shutterblick. That day our waitress was Agi (Agnes) whose equally good English had us wondering how it was that so many locals speak English. It seems that this area was the home of a Canadian Air Force unit and the airmen adopted the Schutterblick as their home away from home. Many of the former military personnel were bikers and they return here so often for vacation with their families that the restaurant even has a Biker Menu. This day we tried the Gulasch mit Butternudeln und Salat, a Halbhähnchen mit Pommes und Salat, and a Schweine Schnitzel mit Pommes und Kopfsalat, the Bier was a very smooth Wagner. This little Gasthaus and restaurant is well worth visiting if you are anywhere near the Shuttertal when you visit the Schwarzwald. Just tell Marion that Ben sent you... :-)

(PStuyvsant) ...During my trip in September 2002 I also stopped at the Shutterblick for dinner. Just off the main road with a nice outdoor patio. Very nice ambiance. Lots of old wood charm, beamed ceilings, shaped chairs.

Marion (2002)

Super-sized Schweinschnitzel

I was starving after a long day on the road. In a few minutes out came the grub and I was staring at the largest Schweinschnitzel I had ever seen. There was a large salad, and a huge side order of Bratkartoffel. Without a doubt this was the best meal of the trip. I even had to push away and leave some behind, unheard of for me. I also had a nice visit with Marion and Agi...

(Ben) ...There are so many beautiful Black Forest farms hidden away in the Schuttertal area and we have been lucky to find two nice ones at Laulisgraben. The first farm I discovered was the Schwörerhof at Laulisgraben 6. I stayed there with my wife and daughter in 2002.

View from Grundbauernhof



Directly across the valley from the Schwörerhof is the beautiful little Grundbauernhof at Laulisgraben 7 - where Larry and I stayed in 2004.


View from Schwörerhof


Lisa - Ben - Larry (2003)

In 2003 Larry and I again visited the Schutterblick with Stammtisch friends Lump and Lisa.

Marion - Ben (2003)

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