(Recommended by Larry - PStuyvsant)

Gasthaus Zum Engel
Werner Schondelmaier
Steingrün 16
Tel - 7833/357 ~ Fax - 7833/95890
Email -

PStuyvsant) ...A few years ago I sailed into Gutach from Meersburg without having made prior reservations. My first stop was the Gasthof "Zur Linde" which Ben and I had stayed at on earlier trips. Unfortunately they were full, but the Frau recommended I try the "Zum Engel" just a short drive down the B33 toward Hornburg. Sure enough.. they had plenty of room and I was given a nice single room on the backside of the house which looked out over the valley. They have a nice restaurant with reasonably priced meals and I noticed a lot of the locals eating dinner there each night. They also have a nice outdoor patio nestled among lots of shade trees, which offers a great view of the Schwarzwald Bahn as the trains come through the valley. You can also eat meals outside (great on a cool fall day!) Clean...comfortable...and the price is right.


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