(Recommended by Colette & David)

Saschwaller Burehus Holzwurm
Familie Eugen Oberle
Am Altenrain 12
Tel - 7841/20540 ~ Fax 7841/205420

...This is the Holzwurm, which is run by the Oberle familie. Extremely nice, friendly people. Herr Oberle (Eugen) just couldn’t do enough to help us during our stay. Michaela, Eugen’s wife, was extremely helpful when I had trouble in reaching my family by phone (someone had their phone card stuck in the international phone booth in town) – she let me use their computer to send off a message home.

We had reserved a smaller room, but for the same price Eugen gave us his newly finished apartment that had a separate living area and besides our master bedroom, a loft bedroom, too.



He said the walls were made of a material that contained hay to make it authentically old looking. He couldn’t think of what the word was in English. Eugen spoke very good English. He is a director of a brass band which consists of children ages 8-12 yrs. He has traveled to Michigan a couple of times with his band for performances. Eugen used to work in the tourist office in Sasbachwalden, and through some connections there, has been able to arrange for his band to travel to America for performances.

The Holzwurm also has a restaurant, and Eugen is a great cook. I think my favorite of all (because it was so unique to me) was his "Feldsalat" – yum!! Sehr gut! When I asked him what a Feldsalat was, he tried to explain – "you know, what do you call it in America? The green lettuce that grows between the corn. Is it called corn salad?" Well, I’ve never heard of corn salad, but after traveling around the area for the two days we were there, I noticed that many corn fields had a type of green lettuce growing between the rows of corn. Whatever this green is, the flavor is fantastic. And, what a great idea to keep down the weeds between the corn!

Eugen had a wonderful breakfast buffet each morning, which included an egg (very important to David – he rates B&B’s by whether they serve an egg or not). (also available - coffee, malt coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, jam, honey, yogurt, cereals, muesli with fruit, fresh ground, muesli, cheese, assortment of sliced sausage and ham, bread-rolls, bread, whole-meal bread)

Also awaiting each guest every morning was a printout from the computer (on Zum Holzwurm parchment paper) of a possible day trip for us, along with a weather report and a small quote of the day for us to ponder (since it was in German, we really pondered!). Eugen also was more than willing to lend out local maps to his guests, which we took advantage of.

The type of beer for this region was called "Hatz" and it had a very mellow taste.

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