(Recommended by Larry - PStuyvsant)

Stefan Grill
Grasslergasse 7
Tel - 8657/310
Four (4) doublerooms (shower/toilet in hallway) for rent from May thru October   
Hindenburglinde bus stop (5 min walk) 
Dairy farm with great mountain views (altitude 900 meters). 

...I had an easy drive south where I picked up the B305 and followed it all the way to Berchtesgaden. My accommodations were to be in Ramsau at the bauernhof "Grasslerlehen" way up in the mountains. Winding my way past the little "church by the stream" that is on all the postcards of Ramsau, I found the small,winding,country lane that led up to the Grasslerlehen which is about 900 meters above the valley. ....when I drove into the yard it was a sight words are hard to describe. Situated on a gracefully sloping hill, overlooking the Ramsau valley, were the most beautiful snow-capped peaks you could want. Small lakes dotted the area and from that height looked like little tear drops scattered among the forested valley.

I had a confirmed reservation for a single room for three nights,having written them a few months earlier, so I knocked on the door and was promptly confronted by Frau Grill. She did not speak a word of English..so I knew I was "home". To me, a great vacation is when you are invited in and treated like a member of the family, at a place far off the beaten path, no other Americans for miles, and they laugh "with you", not "at you" when you practice your broken German. This was definitely that type of place. And all for the princely sum of $18 per night, with breakfast. I was also informed that I was the first American to ever stay here.

I was taken to my room and as I opened the door my eyes must have bugged out!. I had a large single which opened onto a weathered wooden balcony overlooking the most breathtaking scenery of all my many trips.

View from balcony...

I would have offered to hire on as a farm hand if I could have moved in right then and there. This particular bauernhof was a dairy farm. A large herd of dairy cattle were grazing in the meadow beneath my balcony so I pulled up a chair... propped my feet up, popped a couple of beers and thought I was in hog-heaven.

What could be better?

So...for those of you who may be considering trying independent travel, and perhaps some of Ben's recommendations I say, go for it!

... the Bauernhof "Grasslerlehen" in Ramsau turned out to be a gem! Couldn't ask for more, location, price, ambiance, all made to order for the budget traveler. Monday arrived in typical fashion. Up early as usual I grabbed the Sony and was out the door to greet the new day. It was picture perfect...the early morning haze hanging over the valley, snow-capped peaks overhead with the orange glow of the sun coming up, the crisp cold mountain air, and the cowbells jingling as Herr Grill guided his herd to their grazing pastures nearby. The smell of fresh cut hay was heavy in the air. I walked all over the farm, poking here and there and filming everything in sight. Herr Grill was cleaning out the milking stalls and loading full 10 gal. milk cans on his small tractor-trailer. After a great breakfast, it was time to head out.

Church at Ramsau

The Grasslerlehen is located off to the right and up in the hills above this famous church at Ramsau. Makes you want to Yodel...

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