Gutach im Schwarzwald

When you Google - Gutach Germany - you might find these two villages in the Black Forest - Gutach im Breisgau and Gutach im Schwarzwald or Schwarzwaldbahn. I am most familiar with Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn) - home of the Bollenhut (ladies' hat topped with pom-poms - red pom-poms for unmarried girls and black pom-poms for married women). These hats are part of the traditional costumes worn by the women of three neighboring villages in the Black Forest (Gutach, Wolfach and Hornberg) since the mid 1700's. The costumes are worn today on certain holidays and folkloric events.

Gutach lies in the Gutachtal (Gutach valley), a side valley of the Kinzigtal that extends from Hausach to St. George. In my opinion one of the most beautiful areas of the Black Forest. I have been visiting the Gutach valley since the early 1980's and have always stopped by anytime I have been in the Schwarzwald.

I've always been fascinated by the Freilicht (open air) museums throughout Germany and my favorite has always been the Vogtsbauernhof near Gutach. Most of the buildings in this museum were originally located in other parts of the Black Forest, disassembled, brought to this location and reassembled - including five fully furnished farm houses. The sixth farmhouse - the centerpiece (Vogtsbauernhof) - was built on this location in 1612. The many other buildings in the museum include mills, bakehouse, distillery, chapel, and blacksmith shops. There are several folklore and lifestyle exhibits and at various times you can view demonstrations of all the old crafts.

Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum (Freilichtmuseum)

A relatively recent entertainment addition to Gutach is the popular Sommerrodelbahn (Toboggan) not far from the Vogtsbauernhof. The sleds are locked in to a 1,300 yard long rail system and you can get up a good momentum of speed with little risk of injury (compared to the concrete luge runs at some other locations where arm and leg burns sometimes occur). The runs start and end at a nice little Biergarten where you can watch the fun or wait your turn to ride.

Gutach has an annual Thanksgiving Day type celebration (Erntedankfest - first Sunday in Oktober) when thanks are given for the previous good harvests. Many of the locals dress up in their traditional outfits and parade with the local band from main street over the bridge along Kirchstrasse to St. Peter's Church. They then have services and afterwards play music and pose for pictures.







Gasthof Linde

Gasthof Krone

Haus Haas

Gasthaus Engel

Gutacher Rössle


Gutach is centrally located in the Black Forest and makes a great homebase, especially if you are travelling by automobile. There is a train station in Gutach (located at the Vogtsbauernhof) and there is bus service and it is very easy to reach the train stations of Hausach to the north or Hornberg to the south. There are many other accommodations and restaurants located in Gutach. The ones depicted above are personal recommendations from myself and close friends. For other possibilities - please check the homepage for Gutach.

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