Haus Haas - Gutach (Schwarzwald)

(Recommended by Ben)

Haus Haas
Ebersbach 21
Tel - 7833/339

Two doubles - One single

This family complex is located in Gutach (on the side of a hill at the end of Ebersbach Strasse). I had a comfortable single room with the shower and toilet located just outside my room door and for the price of 12 (2008) a day I had no complaints. Excellent breakfast in the Frühstück zimmer which had a Satellite TV (where I enjoyed several evenings just relaxing).

Once again I was fortunate to be in Gutach for their annual Thanksgiving Day type proceedings (Erntedankfest). Many of the locals dress up in their traditional outfits and parade with the local band from main street over the bridge along Kirchstrasse to St. Peter's Church. They then have services and afterwards play music and pose for pictures.

The Bollenhut type costumes worn in these pictures are only worn in three local areas - Gutach, Wolfach and Hornberg. Each area or township in the Black Forest has it's own specific traditional costumes and hats. The Bollenhut has red balls for unmarried and black balls for married ladies. The Schäppel headgear (shiny beads of glass, metal, etc woven together) can be worn from the time of Communion til their wedding day - but only at special ceremonies.

Gutach is an excellent location for a homebase in the Schwarzwald from which you can daytrip to basically anywhere in the Black Forest - Triberg, Gengenbach, Schiltach, Baden-Baden, Europa Park, the Vogtsbauernhof and parts of France.





Black Forest colors in the Fall are awesome...

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