Haus Liebermann - Löffingen (Schwarzwald)

(Recommended by Ben and Russ)

Haus Liebermann
Frau Traudel Liebermann
Hochfirststraße 4
Löffingen im Schwarzwald
Tel ~ Fax - 7654/8337
Email -

(Ben) ...Löffingen is a pretty little village in the Black Forest (located between Titisee and Donaueschingen) easily accessed via B-31 and by bus or train. Just to the south is a beautiful nature reserve (Wutach Gorge) frequented by nature lovers and hikers. Lots of bus stops on the fringe which allow hikes of varying lengths and difficulty. Löffingen has been in existence for almost 1200 years.

Prior to my trip this year I sought out recommendations from Fodorites familiar with the Schwarzwald and subsequently discovered Löffingen thanks to a tip from an old friend Russ. He described it as 'a sort of normal little settlement with a lot of character, not the slightest bit touristy' - and a recommendation like that always gets my attention. Russ spent five days there one year using it as a base for outings to the Schluchsee and Hinterzarten and a jaunt over the Hochfirst. Thanks Russ - Löffingen did not disappoint in any way.

I also took advantage of Russ's recommendation to stay at the Haus Liebermann - located just a short hump from the train station and the center of town. Frau Liebermann was very kind and seemed pleased to have another American in one of her Privatzimmer. I had a large double room with it's own good sized bath (tub, shower and toilet) with a very nice lounge (Aufenthaltsraum) with cable TV - which also served as the breakfast room (Frühstückzimmer). Breakfast was excellent with no lack of breads, meats, jams and good German coffee. For very reasonable price I was very pleased.

Frau Liebermann speaks very little English but you should have little difficulty in communicating. If a problem does arise - her daughter Marion (who works for the Tourist Information Office in Titisee) speaks perfect English.



Remember that public transportation is free while staying in the Black Forest. I took full advantage of it by traveling to the Schluchsee, Seebrugg, Titisee and as far northwest as Gengenbach and Offenburg. Just flash your KONUS-Gastekarte (provided by the host of your accommodations) to the bus driver or train conductor. Remember that the Gastekarte is NOT valid for free use of the ICE trains.

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