Haus Willmann - Zell am Harmersbach

(Recommended by Ben)

Haus Willmann
Franz-Disch-Str. 11
Zell am Harmersbach
Tel - 7835/5479512
Fax - 7835/65214
SE of Offenburg - Gengenbach

Frau Willmann has a very nice Bed and Breakfast with two (DZ) double rooms and a (EZ) single room for rent. I had the comfortable single with my own toilet and shower in the hall but within arm's length of my room door. Price for the EZ (2008) was 13.50. Very nice lounge room (which is also the Frühstück room) with Satellite TV and fridge. Both nights I had the room and TV to myself for several hours.

Neuschwanstein model in Haus garden

During the middle ages Zell was a Free Imperial city in the Holy Roman empire. Easily accessible from the B33 roadway and by train. Zell has several nice churches, a small museum located in an historic old tower - the Storchenturm (Stork Tower)(circa 1330), several restaurants and bars, and a grocery market just on the edge of town.

Two restaurants and a café within easy walking distance from the Haus Willmann -

Café Alt-Zell
Hauptstr. 9
Zell am H.
Tel - 7835/3902
Good spot for early or
afternoon coffee & sweets

Gaststätte Krone
Hauptstr. 26
Zell am H.
Tel - 7835/5658
Excellent service - great pizza
- nice atmosphere

Gasthof Berger
Oberentersbacherstr. 9
Zell am H.
Email -
Reasonable prices - Biergarten under large shade tree - friendly wait staff

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