Haus Würzgarten - Traben (Mosel)

(Recommended by BavariaBen)

Haus Würzgarten
Familie Hochstadt
Litziger Hirtenpfad 1
Tel - 6541/1006
Email -
Singles & Doubles - Breakfast buffet - Bikes available for guests

(Comments from Trip Report) ...The Haus Würzgarten was a few Euro more than I like to pay but it was actually a spacious double room with private bath and shower, a cable TV and with balcony overlooking a nicely maintained backyard complete with goldfish pond. At 35 Euro a night this would be my splurge for the trip.

Spent remainder of day exploring Traben (quiet) and Trarbach (more activity with nice shopping area - turn right after crossing bridge).

Trarbach boat docks...

Bridge Gate at Trarbach (Restaurant)

Excellent walking and biking paths along both sides of river. Great area for relaxing.

Nice little cafe/bakery in Traben with friendly owners and a one-terminal internet service (coin operated) -->

Cafe Mayer
Bahnstrasse 51
Tel - 6541/4342

Day Four - Traben-Trarbach (Mosel)

Nice breakfast buffet at 0830 - friendly owners - then walked to the boat docks (Traben side)

Traben boat docks...

and caught the 10 am boat to Bernkastel-Kues.

Bernkastel boat docks...

Bernkastel is a neat little village with lots of half-timbered houses throughout. The main square is heaven for picture takers.

Enjoyed just walking the alleyways and exploring for a few hours.

Across the bridge into Kues is a nice little game room with two internet terminals at -

Golden Nugget
Bahnhofstrasse 5

Took the 2 pm boat back to Traben-Trarbach (sunny day with a few black rain clouds but it never rained). Had a nice dinner at the -

Restaurant Litziger-Lay - Traben

Restaurant Litziger-Lay
Otto Schmidt
Ab der Mosel 78
Tel - 6541/4181
Email -

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