Hotel Heiligenstein - Baden-Baden/Neuweier

Hotel Heiligenstein
Heiligensteinstrasse 19a
Tel - 7223/96140
Fax - 7223/961450
Email -
All rooms with phone, radio, TV, minibar, hair dryer
Breakfast buffet - Sauna - Fitness room

(Recommended by Mike & Denise)

...we drove a short distance out of Baden-Baden, just about 12 minutes west to the small suburb of Neuweier. Here we found a very nice, small, modern hotel called the Heiligenstein Hotel. It has an excellent restaurant, wellness center, terrace, and is in the middle of a beautiful hillside neighborhood and surrounded by vineyards. The folks are nice and the food is wonderful. It's a 4-star, so somewhat pricey. (But the free wireless internet helped ease the pain.) The people here truly do live in "heaven on earth." This is a beautiful part of Germany, and the last west-facing hills for grape-growing before reaching the Rhine and French border. We could see the Rhine from our room and the taller buildings in Strasbourg, France. We both had a wonderful dinner at the hotel restaurant with Baden wine and a locally brewed pils.

Our breakfast in the hotel restaurant was excellent, with all of the usual German fare, and then some. We got going late and took a short drive out to the West, South, then back to the East, making a circle back, into the Schwarzwald before coming back to Baden-Baden. We stopped short of town, in Geroldsau for lunch at the Landgasthof Hirsch. It sits right on the E500 and is a wonderful place!


This is a typical looking Gasthof but there is nothing typical about the interior or the food! There are a few upstairs guest rooms which we did not see but must be beautiful also. There were three different beers on tap and an extensive wine menu from Baden area wineries. They could not have been nicer to us!

Landgasthof Hirsch

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