Haus Irmgard Orth - Bacharach (Rhine)

(Recommended by Ben)


Haus Irmgard Orth
Spurgasse 2
55422 Bacharach am Rhein
Tel - 6743/1553
Email -

This little B&B was one of my favorite experiences of 2009. Irmgard Orth (not to be confused with her sister-in-law Ursula who runs a similiar B&B across the alleyway at Spurgasse 3) is a wonderful little lady who runs an immaculate Haus. She is all smiles and good cheer and although she speaks very little English she has no problem communicating with her guests no matter what language they speak. A friendlier, sweeter hostess I cannot remember in all my travels in Germany.


From my experience this is the least expensive place to stay in Bacharach. Several double rooms with shower and toilet located just in the hallway within a few steps of your door. A real bargain considering the location and ambiance of Bacharach.


Hey Rich!  Hope you had a good trip...

She also serves a very nice breakfast (in two Frühstückzimmer) that includes her homemade jams and jellies and honey from her husband's bee farm. One afternoon she invited me into her kitchen for a large slice of fresh baked Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake) - Es hat sehr gut geschmeckt...

A special shop in Bacharach that I always recommend is Frances Geuss's Woodburn Haus just across from the Hotel-Restaurant "Altkölnischer Hof" and the 'Altes Haus'.

Holzbrandkunst Geuß Woodburn
Oberstraße 60
Tel & Fax - 6743/1655
Email -

Two nice budget restaurants in Bacharach I had to try again...


Gaststätte Jägerstube
Marktstraße 3
Tel - 6743/1492
Good meals at great prices
Highly recommend the Käseschnitzel
Salads excellent...

And for my final meal of the trip I again stop at a favorite little cafe just up the street from Frau Orth. Great food - great prices - very friendly owners (Astrid & Jean Krzywicki) speak several languages- eat outside if the weather is nice...


Café Restaurant Rusticana
Oberstraße 40
Tel - 6743/1741
Email -
Hacksteak (meatloaf) - excellent...
Apfelstrudel - Wunderbar...

Bacharach is an excellent location to spend your last night in Germany. By car you can be at the Airport in about an hour and if traveling by train the time is 1¼ hrs. In previous years there was always a direct train to the Frankfurt Flughafen - however now you must change trains in Mainz and that has added 15 minutes to the time. If you need to catch an early flight just skip breakfast and catch the 0527 train (Track 1) at the Bacharach train station (10 Euro from the vending machine). From Frau Orth's place it is less than five minutes to the station.


From Altes Haus to St. Peters

Burg Stahleck above the town

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