The Waldhäusle is part of the Kaiserhof complex...

(Recommended by Carolyn - CGRAM434)

Kaiserhof (Waldhäusle)
Agnes König
Jostalstraße 114
Tel - 7651/5728 ~ Fax 7651/939116
Email -
Two apartments - 2-4 persons each

(CGRAM434) ...We loved this place, but unfortunately for us we cannot stay there this year as it is already booked for our time. We found it by accident. Made reservations somewhere else and it didn't turn out the way we expected, so went down the road. The owners do not speak English however the oldest grandson does speak a little so we managed nicely.


We had the 2nd floor apartment with a balcony.

One day, Agnes showed up at our apartment with a small German/English dictionary. She said it might be helpful on our trip, so we sat down and talked ...though the dictionary. We enjoyed the family. The grandchildren live on the property in another house. The mother works so the grandchildren are with them during the day. They help on the farm and it is was quite a sight to see the youngest, barefoot with a small scooper and pan following the cows into the barn and scooping up their droppings. We really enjoyed this place and if it were possible would stay there again. Very serene, restful and just a short way off the B500, Waldau, and of course Urach.


Kaiserhof - Titisee-Neustadt

In the mornings and evenings we had to wait until the cows left ...or go before they left.