Bauernhof Klausmann in the Black Forest

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Hermann and Sofie Klausmann
Hauserbach 51
Tel - 7831/6596
4 DZ with balcony

This farm is in Hauserbach - a suburb of Hausach

...My digs are in the town of Hausach/Hauserbach about 4km off the B33 up in the hills. A small, winding, "one car at a time only" road takes you thru the dark green forests surrounding the area along which are scattered more farms. This is definitely off the beaten path!  Driving up to the Bauernhof "Klausmann" I am greeted with a breathtaking view of a typical old farm situated on a hillside with dark fir trees in the background and sweeping meadows on all sides. Smoke was coming from the chimney and about a dozen head of cattle were grazing in the large meadow in front. This is a dairy farm with apple orchards on the side, and as I later found out they made their own apple wine. Although Herr and Frau Klausmann spoke no English, their daughter did so I knew I couldn't get into too much trouble communicating.

The rooms are in a smaller version of the mainhouse and consisted of four large doubles, all with balcony, and the usual "facilities" located on the floor. I have a large corner room with sloped ceiling and a great view from the balcony - including breakfast. Just outside was something I had never seen before.... a small replica of a typical German church complete in every detail except it only held about 20 people. At first I thought it was some kid's playhouse but Frau Klausmann explained that it was for use by the locals from the surrounding farms so that they didn't have to drive into town if they didn't want to.  Pretty neat...

Another surprise from Ben... on the second evening I was sitting on the balcony enjoying a cold one when Frau Klausmann came pounding on the door shouting "telefon, telefon". Now what....I'm thinking as I follow her over to the main house. There is only one person who knows where I am and he sure isn't going to call Germany just to see what I'm up to. It turns out Ben has contacted one of his e-mail buddies who lives in Wolfach and talked him into "surprising" me with a call out of the blue. Surprised would be putting it mildly and I'm sure Frau Klausmann still wonders what the heck that guy from Texas was all about for someone to track me down in the middle of nowhere."

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