(Recommended by Don)

Landgasthof Ochsen
Johann-Peter Weis
Tel - 7723/2493 ~ Fax - 7723/4727
Email -
28 rooms w/shower/toilet, TV
Heated indoor swimming pool - Sauna - lots of hiking possibilities
Located in secluded area 1 km from Neukirch (edge of forest)

(Comments by Don) ...we stayed at the Landgasthof Ochsen for two nights. It was very nice and our room was great with a view of the mountains in the background. Their restaurant is located in the large center building in the overhead picture on their homepage. We stayed in the guesthouse on the left side of the restaurant - the building that also has a heated pool in the basement. Some of our Stammtisch group had dinner here the night before we arrived.

(Comments by Ben) ...the night prior to Don arriving at the Ochsen - 18 (Stammtischers/friends) of ours had dinner there. The weather was excellent for September in the Schwarzwald and the gathering of friends was extra special. Some of us had met before but there were also some new faces that evening. A designated area was set aside for our group and the Ochsen staff were very nice and accommodating. Our waitresses were very friendly and pleasant and I'm sure most of our folks enjoyed their meals as much as I did. I know my dinner was excellent as was Larry's Kalbschnitzel mit Spätzle. The Landgasthof Ochsen is about ten minutes from Urach.