Lehmannhof in Berghaupten - Black Forest

(Recommended by Larry - PStuyvsant)

Cäcilie Lehmann
Obertal 10
Tel - 7803/1298
4 large zimmer with sinks, large shower/toilet in hallway
TV lounge with refrigerator

(Comments of PStuyvsant).... After a leisurely morning drive from Meersburg I arrived in Triberg around noon. It was a quiet Sunday morning and not very crowded...which is surprising since this is such a heavy tourist area. After a short walk around town (and a Bratwurst and a Bier), it was time to head out to my final destination...a wonderful old farm near Berghaupten. This was to be another "first" and I was eagerly looking forward to it.

Berghaupten is a very small village just off the
B33 as you head toward Offenburg. The farm I had selected was the "Lehmannhof", a typical old Black Forest farm located up in the hills about 2 km from town. The owner, Frau Cäcilie Lehmann, was probably in her mid-seventies and spoke no English. With much hand waving, and using my German dictionary, I was able to explain I had found her farm in one of the pamphlets I had received from the local T.I. She showed me to my room... a large double with the typical sloped ceiling and a large window overlooking the surrounding countryside. There was also a large bathroom with shower (in the hallway).

There were two other couples staying there, both German, and I later found out from Frau Lehmann that I was the first American to ever stay there. The farm itself is a large old house located on a sloping hillside with a sweeping view of the surrounding area which was is dotted with farms. Frau Lehmann raises chickens and also has a few goats. She also has a small grape vineyard which she tends to daily. Out front is a small gazebo with a table and chairs.. perfect for kicking back with a couple of Bier and some snacks from the local Spar market. I did make good use of that gazebo.

The first night it rained and the sound of the water dripping off the roof put me right out. I had a wonderful three days in the area and on the last day Frau Lehmann had a wonderful breakfast waiting... and a regular size pot of that eye opening German coffee. With a warm handshake and a hug she sent me on my way to my final destination of the trip... the Rhine. I will always have fond memories of this farm and will no doubt return one day for a repeat stay.

Lehmannhof with a new coat of paint...

Amazing what a new coat of paint will do!

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