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Familie Waldvogel
Jostalstraße 108
Tel - 7651/7998 ~ Fax - 7651/933480
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Apartments and Zimmer

...We eventually found our way back into the fatherland after a slight detour due to traffic. We got off A5 at the Bad Krozingen/Staufen exit and continued along one of the most scenic drives I have ever had the pleasure to drive. The villages along the way were just what you would imagine a Black Forest village would look like. There were huge, deep valleys with chalets built on the hillside and cows manicuring the fields. I had been to the Northern Black Forest before around Schiltach and Triberg, but for nature and scenery this area beat the North hands down. So we continued along the slow, windy roads past Schönau, Todtnau and the Titisee (gotta love the name) before finally coming to our wonderful Bauernhof (farm home) in Jostal. The Lorenzenhof, was quite a find, and I must thank Gary from our Stammtisch group for the suggestion.

As you can see from the pic on the web link there is the main farm house for the family and then the brand new farm home they rent out. I initially rented the largest unit with the balcony overlooking the valley, but the owner later emailed asking if we could give that one up to a family that would be coming for a much longer stay than our 2 nights. We relented, but still were quite pleased with our accommodations. Our apartment was very big with a large living room, a kitchen, a separate bedroom and a very modern bathroom. She then gave us a 2 more bedrooms upstairs with 2 more bathrooms. The building was done in the light, knotty pine and all the furniture was new and very comfortable. The view down the valley was unbelievable and they had a nice play area for the children. After checking in she mentioned we could get fresh milk and eggs from her in the morning if we wanted, so the next morning the kids and I took her up on her offer. She got fresh milk from the “steel cow” and gave us 6 fresh eggs.

What a treat! We were so sad to leave so early after only two days and swore we would be back again. Without hesitation I would recommend the Lorenzenhof to anyone looking for a Bauernhof in the Titisee area. Oh, forgot the best part, the cost. I think we paid 40 Euro per night for a family of four. For this you get 3 times the room a hotel would give you, a kitchen and a view to die for. Why would anyone stay in a hotel?

Anyway, our first night here and it’s already getting late, so we drive just a few K’s to Waldau.. and had a fantastic dinner at the Zur Traube.

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