Pension Felsenkeller - Braubach

(Recommended by BavariaBen)

Pension Felsenkeller
Familie Dietermann
Brunnenstraße 32
Braubach (Rhein)
Tel - 2627/275 ~ Fax - 2627/974357
Email -
Singles - Doubles - Triples w/wo bath/shower

(Ben) ...Very nice pension on a site that has been around for centuries (15th century basement) - single room equipped with insuite bathroom and shower - running brook just below my window. Very nice Frühstückzimmer that also served as the Aufenthaltsraum (lounge with cable TV). Kühlschrank (refrigerator) for guests loaded with wine, Bier, water and soft drinks. If you want a beverage just write it down on your room tab.

After walking the village several times and with a rainy first day I spent several hours relaxing in this house lounge enjoying German TV and CNN. One small bank and one Sparkasse - neither of which would exchange my US $100 dollar bills for Euro. Very afraid of possible conterfeit bills. I could have used an ATM card but I also had US $20 dollar bills which they had no problem exchanging for me. I later exchanged the larger bills in other villages without problem.

First sit down meal for this trip was at the -

Gasthaus Zum Goldenen Schlüssel - Braubach

Gasthaus Zum Goldenen Schlüssel
Marktplatz 14
Braubach (Rhein)
Tel - 02627/340
(Also has 5 rooms at budget prices)

Excellent Schnitzel plates (had meals here both nights) and equally excellent Königsbacher Bier. Smooth Schlager music playing softly in the background. Highly recommend the Goldenen Schlüssel for good meals.

Day Two
- Braubach on the Rhein

Up early - breakfast requested for 0730. Today's plans include taking train southwest along Rhine and use the KD boat service for return. Most train stations have automated ticket vending machines similiar to this - Check posted schedules, purchase ticket and find posted track number.

Easy ticket purchase...

Took ½ hour train to Kaub - via several quick stops along the way (including Kamp-Bornhofen and St. Goarshausen). Enjoyed Kaub Konditorei (coffee and pastry) and walked to KD boat pier for ½ hr boat ride to St. Goar (via Oberwesel). Great weather day - partly cloudy and cool.

Castle Hotel Auf Schönburg - Oberwesel

Burg Katz - Rhine

KD Dock - St. Goarshausen - Rhine

Shopped and explored St. Goar for an hour before catching the next boat which took 1½ hrs to arrive back in Braubach early afternoon (via St. Goarshausen, Bad Salzig, Kamp-Bornhofen and Boppard)

The mighty Marksburg - above Braubach

with plenty of time to walk up to The Marksburg for some photos.

View from the Marksburg

Lots of signs throughout the village indicating the location of footpaths up to the castle. Another option for getting up to the Marksburg (besides walking or a taxi) is the Marksburgbahn which makes the trip several times a day (depending on passengers available).


Easy walk down to the Pension - shower - then off to eat at the Schlüssel again. A beautiful September day along the Rhine Gorge...

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