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Pension Panoramablick
Familie Männle-Radtke
Clevnerstraße 17
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(Pat) ...Durbach is a lovely wine village along the Badischen Weinstraße in the Rhine Valley near Offenburg. Our accommodations were at the Pension Panoramablick, located in a residential area just outside the village. The Pension has 5 double rooms on the 2nd floor, each with private bath, TV and mini-fridge. On the basement level, there is a lovely breakfast room and guest kitchen. The refrigerator was stocked with beer and local wine, available for purchase on the honor system. Our room was large and comfortable, with a balcony looking directly onto a vineyard. Herr Männle-Radtke was a gracious host, unobtrusive but happy to sit and talk with us if we wished. His English was halting but very good -- a boon for us since none of us speak German.

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It was off-season in Durbach, and many restaurants were closed, but the local hangout was open and served delicious food. And delicious wine. The local Spätburgunder Rotwein is the best red I've ever had the pleasure to guzzle! In fact, I fear the group was rather rowdy one night after consuming various bottles of wine and delicious schnitzel (the sparkling white wine is also wonderful!). I was a bit worried that we might have offended the local diners and quizzed Herr Männle-Radtke the next morning as to whether he had heard any gossip about us. He pondered a moment and then gravely said "Well, I went to church early this morning, but I didn't hear anything about noisy Americans." And then grinned at me. Whew!

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We stayed in Durbach several days, making various side trips - the obligatory trip to Triberg for the benefit of the newbies with us, Wolfach for the glass museum, Baden Baden for shopping, and various trips into Alsace.

We braved the snow in the Vosges Mountains to visit
Camp Struthof, the remnant of the Nazi concentration camp used to imprison members of the French Resistance. It was also a staging area for French Jews en route to Dachau. It was late afternoon of a gray, dreary day when we arrived, snow falling thickly and silently over the camp. The weather was appropriate to the scene -grave markers, barbed wire and gun towers, and the tall, eerie monument to the victims. Getting back over the mountains was tricky and slippery, but we were glad we visited the camp.

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The next day we visited the Christmas markets at Colmar and enjoyed lunch at our favorite restaurant in Riquewihr, Au Tire Bouchon.

On our last day, we visited
Haut-Königsbourg near St. Hyppolite in Alsace. This old fortress dates back centuries but was in ruins when restored and rebuilt in 1901 by Wilhelm II. The fortress perches high above the Rhine Valley and has the most splendid view. It was worth the visit.

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Of the three countries we visited (England, France and Germany), our first time travelers voted for Germany as their first choice for the best food and accommodations. And wine also, of course.

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All had a good time...

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