Pat loves cats - PWilson374 - Randy in the mountains

Pat (PWilson374) and Randy live in Texas - several miles and a world away from Houston. Pat was raised in Louisiana and now works for a large law firm (right next to Colette - RamblerH). Randy was raised in Colorado Springs and is now a construction foreman for commercial buildings. They made their first trip to Europe (Ireland) in May 96 and their first trip to Germany in May 97. Since then - they have made 3 successive trips to Germany as well as trips to Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. Pat says that travel is their grand passion. Their favorite area is the Berner Oberland in Switzerland with the Black Forest/Alsace region a close second. Pat was back in Germany and the Alsace in Nov 00 with her girlfriends and has several future trips in her plans. Have a look at some of Pat's pictures from her most recent trip and her farm report on the Springhansenhof near Oppenau.

Pat in Riquewihr - - Pat with Corneilus and his daughter Connie in Heidelberg

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