Pension Winzerhaus - Bacharach (Rhine)

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View towards downtown Bacharach from Winzerhaus balcony

Pension Winzerhaus
Family Petrescu
Blücherstraße 60
Bacharach (Rhine)
Tel - 6743/1294 ~ Fax - 6743/937779
Email -

View towards Steeg from Winzerhaus balcony

Singles - Doubles - with/without bath/shower/toilet
Good location just a short walk from riverfront
Excellent breakfast - hosts speak English - reasonable rates


...What a wonderful, friendly family the Petrescu's are. I'm shown to a very nice Doppelzimmer set up as a single with a great balcony overlooking Blücherstraße which is the road that runs from Bacharach up to the village of Steeg and past it to the A-61. I have a private bathroom but the shower is just outside my door in the hallway. A nice little TV will keep me company my last night in Deutschland.

The rest of the day is spent shopping the shops and no trip to Bacharach would be complete without a visit to Frances Geuss at her woodburning shop just across from the Altes Haus.


Frances Geuss at Woodburn shop - Bacharach

Holzbrandkunst Geuß Woodburn
Oberstraße 60
Bacharach (Rhine)
Tel & Fax - 6743/1655
Email -

A souvenir from Frances

And for my final meal of the trip I again try a favorite little cafe just up the street from Frances at the -

Café Restaurant Rusticana
Oberstraße 40
Bacharach (Rhine)
Tel - 6743/1741

Café Restaurant Rusticana - Bacharach

Good food - great prices - very friendly owners - love the protected outside table area...

Bacharach is one of my favorite stops along the Rhine. When the weather is nice I enjoy grabbing a Brat at Wagner's Imbiss (in the corner of the parking lot) - walking down near the KD dock and watching the river traffic. Love to then enter the city via the city wall (under the train tracks) and stroll along the Oberstraße.



Knowing that this little village was once a key trading point along the Rhine and has been sitting beneath Burg Stahleck for the past 900 years makes it just that much more enjoyable.

Bacharach with Burg Stahleck

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